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    You are searching for a good Mesquite landscaping company and stopped by our website to see if we are it. We are! So call us today already!

    Ok, so like most people you rarely take the companies’ words seriously, and that is completely understandable. After all, you simply want the best landscaping service available in town. So let us give you a few reasons to get in touch with us for your landscape needs.​

    Why Choose Us?

    • You are provided a comprehensive range of service options including (but certainly not limited to) maintenance of trees, plants, shrubs, lawn, and really anything in your garden or backyard.
    • Complete renovation or a design and build offered, our certified contractors are more than happy to guide you and fulfill your requirements.
    • Residential or Commercial, it does not matter – we do it all.
    • You get flexible scheduling with minimum interruption.
    • 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Those are not just some obligatory words we put up, we live and breathe it for every single one of our customer and client.
    Landscaping in Mesquite, TX

    Our Landscaping Services

    Here are our most prominently offered services :

    • Routine lawn care and maintenance
    • Residential landscape maintenance
    • Commercial landscape management
    • Lawn Service and weed control
    • Planting, mulching of beds.
    • Trees, hedges, and shrubs pruning and trimming.
    • Landscape design and install
    • ​Irrigation system

    Just imagine, it is the epitome of perfect weather out there. You could just go out and roll in the grass… except you can’t. All you see are weeds everywhere, random plants sticking out from random places, some old lawn furniture lying around wasting away.  It is an un-ideal place to be in an ideal weather.

    This is when you call us (at 214-817-2393), we give you a FREE consultation, you agree for us to come out. Our trained experts carefully analyze the situation, and get to work on providing a customized maintenance package to transform your current backyard into a mini paradise. By the time we are done, you grass will be a radiant, bright green with not a sign of a single weed. Your trees, hedges and shrubs trimmed and pruned to utmost perfection.  Let’s just say you could sleep without a worry if you so please.

    ​Every time you step out to your lawn, or outer area we want a sense of serenity and calmness running through you.  That is the mindset our employees have every time they come out to offer the simplest to the most complex services.

    Beautiful backyard with flower beds, trees, and shrubs.

    Landscape Design and Build

    You look at your property and something just sees off. It is not what you had envisioned when you first bought your property. Perhaps it did start out looking halfway decent, but over the years it slowly went out of hand. Perhaps it never had the ideal look and you simply decided to live with it.

    Whatever the case may be, it certainly could be better. And that’s where we come in. Whether you are filled with ideas on how you’d like your backyard looking, or you want to simply hand off to us to just make it look good, you can rest assured you will have your outdoor area at its peak condition once we are done with it. ​Our various experts at hand will make the design and install​ process seamless and simple, they will provide plenty of options for you to get it looking just the way you want it.

    Commercial Landscaing service result. This photo was taken in Mesquite, TX.

    Residential or Commercial - We do it all

    Whether a residential landscaping or commercial landscaping project, it is all the same to us. The ask is still the same, to maintain the outside portion of one’s property, to keep it looking beautiful, to have it so it enhances and complements the entire neighborhood. In the end trees are still trees, hedges still hedges, grass is still grass, and shrubs still shrubs. Too many times it can feel like you simply are not getting your money’s worth, so we have made it our mission to provide the best service for the best value. We at MQ Landscaping Pros aim to provide the same level of quality with high consistency. We encourage our customers’ critique, because how else do we improve. It is gaining your trust and satisfaction that fuels our business to its core. The smile of satisfaction that our customers get through our services truly are priceless.

    Landscape maintenance work for front yard. This photo was taken in Mesquite, TX.

    Landscape Maintenance

    The most common type of service customers ask for is ongoing landscaping maintenance. Again, this can come in many forms. As they say, different strokes for different folks. This is why we offer customized packages, we talk with our customers and help them choose the right services to keep their property looking sharp and in top condition.

    It is crucial to keep your yard and your landscaping area looking in the best shape as possible, especially as the Texas heat approaches. Too many times we try to do it all ourselves and end up creating more work in the longer term. Don’t get us wrong, we are all for self-sufficiency but only with the right guidance. (see our maintenance tips here). Give us a chance, once you see our results you will understand why we are one of the top landscapers in all of Texas.

    We Do Mesquite Landscaping

    Landscaping entails a vast variety of services. Some customers only need less than a handful of these, while some needing all and then some. Whether you simply need basic lawn service, weeding, tree services, pruning or trimming, or you need a complete landscape design and build, MQ Landscaping Pros has you covered! Find out why we are the number one landscaping company in and around Mesquite, Texas.  

    We see it this way – there’s our home, where we eat, sleep, relax and spend time with our loved ones. Then there’s our second home where we also do all of the above but perhaps to a smaller scale. It goes by many names, the backyard, the front lawn, the outside area, the lot, or what have you. Though we may not spend as much time here, it is very much part of our home and our property. Hence why we care for it so much, to have it looking clean and pristine. We at MQ Landscaping Pros realize this and treat every such area as our ONLY home. We believe we simply cannot and should not have the right to offer our services without treating every landscaping area as our very own. How else can we give our very best in every service we have to offer then?

    ​Simply give us a call at 214-817-2393 (or fill out the form to the right or below) and we’ll take care of you right away.
    Newly installed landscape with plants and flower beds in Forney.

    Lawn Mowing Maintenance

    Some us like to (and in some cases love to) mow our own lawns.  We totally get it, you want the benefits of a decent activity session while enjoying the fresh outdoor air. 
    Here are a few lawn service tips the next time you get to it:

    – We recommend cutting your lawn to a minimum of 2-3 inches.  Reason being, the lower you cut your grass the more chances of those pesky weeds showing up.  

    – The optimum time is either early morning or in the evening.

    – Mow your lawn when grass is dry (as opposed to shortly after rainfall).  This may seem obvious but it is imperative that we follow this as doing so can cause diseases to spread all across your yard.  Another benefit being you’ll just have an easier time doing it.

    – Always mix it up when it comes to directions.  You don’t always want to employ the same pattern as this will cause the grass to lie over a certain direction.

    Check out this page for even more tips.

    Implementing these simple actionable steps can go a long way in maintaining a healthy, green and prosperous lawn.

    And of course, if you’d rather have a landscaping contractor such as yours truly take care of it, do give us a ring at 214-817-2393 or fill the quote form to the right or below and we can have your lawn looking consistently evergreen and beautiful with our lawn service!

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